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The following candidates successfully passed the ACVR-DI Certifying Exam this August…

Beale Chelsea
Beaulieu Alexandra
Brand Emily
Cheney Diane
Eitzer Andrew
Ensor Michael
Goodman Laura
Hamersky Jack
Hoaglund Elizabeth
Johnson Laura
Logwood Katherine
Moshnikova Valentina
Olmo Chris
Ou Tingwei
Seitz Marc
Shannon Dylan
Soppet Jenelle
Tollefson Christopher
Turner Hannah
Urion Rebecca
Walczak Raelyn
Walther Mimmi
Anderson Melanie
Cotter Brad
Gorney Angela
Jania Rachel
LaPorte Alexandra
Lipe Krista
Rivard Benjamin

The following candidates successfully passed the ACVR-EDI Exam…

Christine Gremillion
Stacie Aarsvold
Seamus Hoey
Jane Lund
Michael Perlini

On behalf of the exam committee, executive council, and all the ACVR, welcome and congratulations!