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Do You Know About ITEC?

In-training examination committee

... lest we forget anal sac gas.

Hello ACVR!

Residents already know about this, but Friends and Dips may not be aware of the awesome initiative started by Drs. Lindsey Gilmour and Gabriella Seiler — the ACVR’s In-Training Examination Committee (ITEC).  The committee organizes “practice exams” for ACVR residents.  The first exam on Large Animal-Focused and Small Animal-Focused Anatomy has already been given.  Residents seem enthusiastic about participating…. nothing like a mock exam to help you realize what you don’t know.

Residents are auto-enrolled if they are up to date with ACVR/ECVDI Membership directories. They will receive communication using the email addresses they have on file with the respective colleges. Current ACVR and ECVDI residents preparing for upcoming mock exams can visit and attempt to login with their email address. They may need to click on ‘lost password’ to reset. Residents should follow instructions to download Examplify on the device they will use for testing.

Lindsey Gilmour & Gabriella Seiler


The Committee mission is to collaboratively contribute to resident education and offer incentive to trainees for regular study throughout a residency program in the form of low-stakes, self-assessment examinations. Through these exams, the Committee aims to provide formative feedback to trainees and residency directors prior to high stakes examinations, improve first-time pass rates of theoretical/preliminary exams in the ACVR and ECVDI, and support residency directors who aim to optimize their training programs most efficiently.