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President’s Message – Nathan Nelson, DVM, MS, DACVR

Happy February! It’s that time of year when I look forward to the promise of longer days and greener scenery of spring. Many ACVR committees have remained busy through the winter, as reflected in the updates below, and thanks to the hard work of all involved. Expect even more committee updates (and some exciting website news) in the coming months as activity ramps up ahead of our Spring Council Meeting on April 24.

Monthly Website Tips

If you haven’t already, consider updating your profile settings in Discourse. For some of us (especially with older accounts), Discourse may display a username based on your email. For example, my posts were initially made by “nelson277”, rather than my own name, until I updated my Discourse profile. If you have an unusual email address, it may be difficult for others to know who is responding in a post. When you log into Discourse, click on the circle in the top right and look for a little image of a person that will allow you to check your profile preferences.

Thanks to all who view or contribute case of the month material to the website. For some of the cases (especially CT and MRI), it is useful to “scrub back and forth” frame by frame in the video of the case. Fortunately, there is a way to do this:

  1. Play the video
  2. Pause it at any point
  3. Hold shift + right/left arrow

The shift and arrow buttons allow you to scroll back and forth slowly through the videos, regardless of video speed.

Stay safe,

Dr. Nathan Nelson
[email protected]