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President’s Message – Nathan Nelson, DVM, MS, DACVR


I hope you are well. It has been a busy few weeks, with many committee reports and updates to discuss. But first, thanks again to the Program Committee for putting together a fantastic scientific meeting. Between excellent keynote addresses, discussion panels, and abstract presentations I learned quite a bit. As a reminder, some information from the meeting is already available online, including links to the imaging interpretation cases and the wellness and wellbeing education lectures. Those registered received their RACE certificates emailed to them after the meeting completed and access to the recordings is open and available to those registered for the next couple of months. for the next couple of months.
Thanks to all those who serve the ACVR. We have a large number of people who volunteer their time to serve on committees and other unpaid positions. As President, I get to see all the reports from our administrators and committees and realize the effort put into them. This is especially appreciated given the time and emotional stresses provided by Covid and an ever-expanding caseload.
Speaking of time (or a shortage of it) an important discussion we had in Council is how we can better serve those who volunteer for committees and other ACVR functions. There will be more updates going forward, but we are looking to increase the secretarial/organizational support we get from PA Med, our Administrative team. Details are being worked out, but for those who are currently committee chairs or are incoming committee chairs, look for messaging soon about this topic. Please consider how your committee might better make use of a secretary/paid personnel to organize and run your committee (Take minutes? Send out doodle polls? Remind you of deadlines? Review policies and procedures? etc.). Our College is financially stable and growing in both Diplomates and number of specialties. Like many other larger specialty organizations, we feel it is time to reinvest in our support structure to help all who volunteer their time and effort.
Thanks to Dr. Monica Jensen for leading a team that updated our radiation protection guidelines. These final guidelines were approved by Council, after collecting input from the College at large. This website sees a lot of search engine traffic, and is one of the most popular pages for the public to view, so thanks for the efforts made to keep it current.
My thanks to members of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Taskforce that worked during 2021. As part of the taskforce report, Council approved a “Principles of Community”, available for public download, which affirms the commitment of our organization to building a diverse and inclusive environment. Council also approved a standing DEI committee that will work on longer term DEI projects. If serving on such a committee is of interest to you, please contact me.
Congratulations to Dr. Richard Park! At our Council meeting, we reviewed a nomination packet and letters of support for Dr. Park to receive the Bernstein Lifetime Achievement award. This prestigious award goes to those who have made outstanding contributions to the ACVR. Council was unanimous in our vote of support for Dr. Park. Congratulations!
As a reminder, keep an eye out for invitations to various annual Society meetings which are happening this month. Unlike prior years, these meetings are being held online independent of the scientific meeting, which should hopefully allow all members to attend or at least give more flexibility.
It has been my pleasure to serve as ACVR President this year. It was a wonderful opportunity to get to know many of you better and more fully understand all the work that goes into making an organization like ours run. I value what the ACVR provides to me: a professional community, educational and networking opportunities, a chance to meet with friends and colleagues, and leadership opportunities. I’m excited for what this year will bring; look for more messaging soon including newsletters and updates from incoming President Federica Morandi.
Take care,
Nathan Nelson