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President’s Message – Nathan Nelson, DVM, MS, DACVR

Greetings all,
I hope this newsletter finds you well. I have two major items this month. The first regards our upcoming meeting. Hopefully, everyone saw the prior announcement that the meeting will now be 100% virtual. The COVID situation was certainly improving in the late spring when the decision was made to have a hybrid meeting. Fortunately, through flexible planning and tireless work of our meeting organizers, we left the option open to move all virtual. While I am disappointed I will not get to you see you in person, I am still looking forward to an engaging and enjoyable virtual conference. The hotel has given us some fiscal flexibility if we rebook with them in future years, so look forward to a New Orleans in 2023 and possibly again sometime after that.
The second major news item is the updated radiation safety statement. Led by committee chair Monica Jensen, members of the Radiation Safety committee updated the statement to reflect changes in radiation practice and provide a link to other useful resources. You can review the updated statement HERE. Provide me any feedback to pass to the committee. The statement is currently behind our website login, but once we have collected your input, we will convert the webpage to be publicly visible. This committee also reviewed the results of a radiation safety survey that was completed by members of our College some time ago. Results of that survey are available on the webpage link listed above. These results will stay behind our website login.
A reminder that committee reports are due September 20th ahead of our Executive Council meeting next month. Thanks to all who have volunteered/agreed to participate on committees. I will be reaching to you soon. If anybody else has an interest, please let me know.
Finally, voting has opened for Executive Council. Please vote HERE.
Nate Nelson