Thank you from the Examination Committees

On behalf of the DI and EDI examination committees I want to thank both our candidates and our proctors for this years examinations.

Having given the certifying exam in the new electronic format for the first time last year we are well aware of the stress involved in setting up the exam to ensure the candidates have the best possible experience.  This year that stress extended to almost 50 proctors who volunteered to set up and test the computers and provide in person support and proctoring for our candidates.  While the preliminary exam was a little easier to arrange it still required your support to be successful. While it is not surprising there were a few technical issues, the proctors did an outstanding job at keeping their candidates calm.  Your role was vital to the successful exam administration and we cannot thank you enough for your help.

Thank you also to all the candidates.  While we know you were highly motivated to take the exam without further delay, we also recognize that this likely added stress to your experience.  We thank you for your questions and your patience as we implemented the remote administration plan.

Thank you again.