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The Lymphatic System of the Dog

A new resource from the University of Saskatchewan

We would like to bring your attention to a new resource for researchers, students and clinicians made available through the University of Saskatchewan’s (USask) open publishing system.

Dr. Monique Mayer, DVM, MSc., ACVR (Radiation Oncology), and a team of staff and students at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine and USask have completed an English translation of a 1918 textbook by German anatomist Dr. Hermann Baum and made it available to a global audience. Baum’s book, The Lymphatic System of the Dog, is a seminal work detailing a comprehensive investigation of the anatomy and drainage patterns of the canine lymphatic system.

Despite being written over 100 years ago, much of Dr. Baum’s exhaustive work has not been repeated and is still relevant today. The book is organized into two main sections: the first section details the anatomical location and drainage pathways of lymph nodes, while the second part describes the lymphatic drainage pathways of major organs. In addition to translating the original work, the University if Saskatchewan team has added notes describing key clinical points, as well as interactive student learning tools, including flashcards on lymphatic drainage patterns in canine cancer patients and lymph node labelling exercises.

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Dr. Hermann Baum, author the book, "The Lymphatic System of the Dog"

Figure from the book

Figure from the book