Dr. Mike Bernstein

Recipient of the Bernstein Lifetime Achievement Award, 2004 ACVR Annual Conference, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Dr. Mike Bernstein (R), ACVR Executive Director, receives the Bernstein Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2004 ACVR Annual Meeting in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, from ACVR President, Dr. Greg Daniel (L).

Dr. Myron Bernstein was honored at the 2004 Annual Meeting of the American College of Veterinary Radiology for contributions to the College over the lifespan of our organization. Dr. Bernstein has been an integral part of the ACVR since its beginning and has helped shape the organization into its present form.

Dr. Bernstein helped develop the specialty of radiology even before the existence of the ACVR. Dr. Bernstein graduated from Middlesex Veterinary School. Following graduation he enlisted in the Navy serving in San Diego and then the Great lakes Naval Bases during World War II. While in the Navy, Dr. Bernstein worked as a surgical assistant. After his release from the Navy, Dr. Bernstein decided to start a veterinary practice in the Chicago area. He opened Glencoe Animal Hospital in late 1940’s. He became interested in radiology after his son was diagnosed with a form of hip dysplasia. To pursue his interest in radiology, Mike Bernstein joined a group of veterinarians who shared a common interest in radiology. They would meet every Monday night in Chicago to go over cases. As his interest in radiology grew, he attended a weekly Pediatric Seminar Series at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. Dr. Bernstein received additional training in radiology by taking radiology courses at Cook County Graduate School of Medicine.

Dr. Bernstein began working with academicians who taught radiology at the veterinary colleges. They formed the American Veterinary Radiology Society. Another organization formed in 1957 called the Educators in Veterinary Radiologic Science. This group set out to develop a specialty group in radiology recognized by the AVMA. Members of the organizing committee were Drs. W. C. Banks, W. D. Carlson, M. A. Emmerson, W. H. Rhodes and G. B. Schnelle. This organization preceded the formation of the American College of Veterinary Radiology. The organizing committee selected six other charter members. The American College of Veterinary Radiology (ACVR) was founded in 1961. Dr. Bernstein later became an associate member of the ACVR.

Dr. Bernstein has worked within the ACVR since its inception. Dr. Bernstein has been an Officer and a member of Executive Council in the ACVR since 1987, initially serving as Secretary. In the 1991 Dr. Bernstein was appointed the Executive Director of the ACVR and has continued to serve in that position to the present day. As Executive Director, Dr. Bernstein has been the driving force within the ACVR. Many officers of this organization have come and gone but Dr. Bernstein has always been there working behind the scenes keeping things on track and providing institutional memory and advice to the ACVR Presidents and Officers. The level of devotion Dr. Bernstein has for the ACVR is unmatched and the ACVR has benefited greatly from it.

Dr. Bernstein was awarded ACVR’s highest honor, The ACVR Distinguished Service Award at the 1998 ACVR Scientific Meeting, Banff, Alberta, Canada by Drs. Harker Rhodes, Charter Diplomate (and only other winner of the ACVR Distinguished Service Award) and Gregg Boring, who was then President of the ACVR.

Dr. Bernstein set the standard for devotion and service for others to follow and emulate. As such in 2004 Executive Council decided to rename the The ACVR Distinguished Service Award to The Bernstein Lifetime Achievement Award. The name change will ensure that every time this award is given, we will not only be honoring the recipient of the award but also honor the man who the award was named after. In this manner, future generations of radiologists will equate Dr. Bernstein’s name with the highest level of devotion and service.