How We Do It

Types of Imaging & Therapy

We are Specialists in Radiology, Ultrasonography, CT/MRI, Nuclear Medicine, and Radiation Oncology for both Small and Large Animals.

Types of Imaging & Therapy Description
Radiography (X-ray) Most common imaging modality in veterinary medicine; High availability; Low cost
Ultrasound (Sonogram) Commonly used for heart and abdominal disorders; Relatively high availablilty; Relatively low cost; Not ideal for bone and lung evaluation
Computed Tomography (CT scan) Uses x-ray for greater resolution than traditional radiography; Less availability; Greater cost; Often requires general anesthesia
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Superior imaging resolution; Commonly used for neurological disorders; Lower availability; Greater cost; Requires general anesthesia
Nuclear Medicine (Scintigraphy) Provides information on biological activity such as inflammation or hyperactivity; lower resolution; low cost but decreasing in availablity; e.g. bone scans, thyroid scans
Radiation Therapy Uses high energy radiation for treatment of cancer or other masses; a therapeutic procedure, not a diagnostic imaging modality